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9 Thousand Plant Drugs Still Need Developed

. Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009
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DENPASAR, - Indonesia has around 9606 species of plants that contain high-savor for the procurement of natural medicines to cure various kinds of diseases that are free from side effects.

"Forest of tropical Indonesia are about 120 million hectares. The area was growing species that are known and trusted medication have any property that is not optimally utilized," said Prof. dr I Gusti Ngurah Nala's Studies Program Ayurweda Hindu University Faculty of Health Indonesia (UNHI) Denpasar, Sunday (24 / 5).

He said, sun light is available throughout the year with sufficient rainfall to enable the growth of party-type of plant medicines with good breeding.

"From thousands of medicinal plant species that have, until this time there is no definitive research on how many percent of them have been used to improve the health and welfare of the community," said Ngurah Nala who is also professor of Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University.

Prof. Nala add, Indonesia, which has thousands of medicinal plant species that have received a request from a number of countries will plant drugs in the form of simplisia, that is, the natural plant material in the dry that has not processed.

Demand is increasing every year and the conditions that encourage the investors who move in the field of pharmaceutical, traditional medicine and herbal medicine to catch the opportunity to develop and produce synthetic drugs, contains no chemical substances and side effects.

The majunya Iptek, making alternative forms of processing simplisia circulating in the market varies, among others, in the form of powder, tablet, pill, liquid capsule, salep and cream.

"Similarly, the product processed Indonesia penetrate export markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Spain, and Germany," said Prof. Nala

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Osculation, Caution are Cancer!

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Jakarta couples kissed in the mouth is one way to love pouring desire pair. Smooch also often used for foreplay before continue to phase in a more.

Behind favors a kiss, there was a negative effect for the melakukannya. the studies in the Ohio State University, said that United States relations, such as oral osculation infection can increase the risk of human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV virus is a virus causes cancer, including cancer serviks.

Study involving 332 adults and 210 students. The result is 4.8% of adults and 2.9% of students infected with HPV related oral smell like for example the detikhot quotation from health24, Wednesday (27/05/09).

In the adult, the distribution of HPV occur in smokers and oral relations more than ten times. This is also the spread of HPV because of the students.

There are several ways mengindari HPV, such as the pattern of living healthy. Giving the vaccine at the age of 9 and 12 years can also avoid terinfeksinya HPV.

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Want More Baby Healthy? Use Music Only!

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Jakarta Music not only can entertain. For babies, music has a big enough benefit. For example, improving their health. A research membuktikannya.

Music can improve heart and respiratory tap a new born baby. Music also can be used to reduce the pain of the baby.

A study detikhot a quotation from the Telegraph, on Thursday (28/5/2009) revealed that music can help the heart pump oxygen to the baby's entire body.

The researchers Dr Manoj Kumar, from the University of Alberta, Canada revealed that music can alleviate the suffering of a baby who was born premature at given medical action. According to the music far better than the drugs less pain.

In addition, with the music, the baby became more calm. Their growth further. in premature babies, adding their weight to become

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New Condoms for Women Not noisy time use

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NEW YORK, for women, a cheaper, more users, easier to use (friendly), it will be more effective in fighting HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Female condom was introduced to have started since 1993, but until now still be used simply to prevent pregnancy. Female condom is not dikampanyekan for the prevention of HIV / AIDS and STDs, so that the level of use is still very small.

The situation seems to be changed immediately, followed by female condom disetujuinya new production version of Female Health Co., months ago by the FDA. Female condom use is a new version of the so-called FC2.

Around 35 million female condoms were distributed to the world years ago, but the amount is very small if compared to more than 10 million male condoms. First the price of male condoms are cheaper. Also how to use them more easily. The problem, many men in the countries of the risk of HIV / AIDS is high reject the use of condoms.

Although both have the same nature, ie, soft, transparent, FC2 made from synthetic rubber, not Polyurethane. With a synthetic rubber material, the production costs become cheaper FC2.

Former President of Female Health Co., Mary Ann Leeper, who is now a strategy adviser stated, FC2 does not cause the noise when in use. Please note, that the complaint against the noise that is the female condom, which caused the old version received less the women themselves.

With the cost of production that only a third of previous versions, FC2 can be expected terdistribusi far more than now. For now, the price of female condoms are about 60 cents U.S. dollars, far more expensive than male condoms is 4 cents.

How about FC2? Female condom is a new version is said to have received various international organizations. Female Health Co. years ago even have to sell to the world as much as 14 million.

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Understanding Sexual Disorders

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Sexual function, according to experts, Prof. Dr. seksologi dr Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And, FAACS from the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University Bali, influenced by physical and psychological factors. If the second factor is good, also good sexual function.

Is the physical factor is not a disease, healthy life patterns, or there is no treatment available to support the function of organs. Meanwhile, factors such as psychological stress, saturation, and the atmosphere with a personal relationship pairings.

Well, what sexual harassment is often going?

1. On women:
- Sexual Disorders encouragement, for example, encouraged sexual hipoaktif and discomfort to the sexual activity.

- Sexual Disorders generation, namely the vagina pelendiran even less is simply inflame the situation.

- Not able or difficult to reach the orgasme time related sexual.

- Mental illness or not comfortable in the surrounding gender and sexual touch every time.

2. On men:
- Sexual Disorders encouragement, for example due to physical or psychological illness.

- Erectile Dysfunction, for example, suffer because diabetes melitus.

- Disturbance ejakulasi, namely ejakulasi early or even ejakulasi which obstructed.

- Disturbance orgasme, ie can not feel orgasme.

Here are some tips to prevent sexual harassment functions offered by Prof. Dr. dr Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And:

1. Always remember that the sexual life is public property and built with the pair.

2. Behave and talk openly is.

3. Keep body and soul health.

4. Avoid lifestyle is not healthy, such as smoking, stress, lack of sleep, eating patterns is not good, and not for sport.

5. Do not be tempted to use drugs / ingredients that are not clear and the content of indikasinya.

6. Keep a balance of rushing and rileksasi.

7. Always try to have special time with just two pair.

8. Do not do sexual things as routine.

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origin of herbal medicine

. Kamis, 28 Mei 2009
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DEPOK, - Not many know that the origin of herbal medicine muasal term comes from the term 'spell-spell'. President Director of PT Martina Berto said Martha Tilaar, spell, incantation formula means that an element of magic.

"Then give shaman or shaman herb-herb with the spell-the spell dimohonkan to God to cure certain diseases," said Martha in the workshop program of study herbal Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia (UI) in Wisma Makara UI Depok, on Tuesday (26 / 5) .

Muasal origin because the term is considered to have magical reason, the development of herbal medicine products based inheritance ancestors get a negative response since 1970. However, Martha serious claim to remain in business use jamunya.

According to Martha, the herbal medicine in the present time is no longer glued to the understanding in the first period. Formula herbal medicine in the current period is simply given only to traditional materials or ingredients derived from plants, animals or minerals for treatment. To leave an impression long also, in some forum, the term is often replaced with herbal medicine Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM).

Chairman of the Working Group of the Ministry of complementary and Alternative Health Merdias Almatsier says, herbal medicine is considered in the herbal treatment, the treatment with the use of plant or materials that contain ekstraknya nutritious for the body, prevention or cure health increase.

Unlike the herbal terstandar and fitofarmaka also classified the herbal treatment, herbal medicine is not essentially through praklinik test or clinical test of raw material and not terstandardisasi.

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Let Healthy sperm

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Bernie Zilbergeld, PhD, sex therapist and author of the book The New Male Sexuality mentioned, often the failure of the heart not get the error because the woman or prianya who make less than clever, but because the conditions that are less healthy sperm. Therefore, although a bit difficult to know whether or not sperm healthy, at least some of the following can help us to maintain the fixed sperm quality.

1. Stop smoking

2. Stop drinking alcohol excessively

3. Do not use in the trousers too tight. Look for a little loose, and avoid bathing with the water is too hot to keep your testikel cold.

4. Stay asup multivitamin as antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, and betakaroten. Can also mengasup with many fruits and vegetables. Also good when you take a multivitamin containing 20 mg of zinc every day.

5. Avoid the prolonged stress. Sisihkan your time to bermeditasi, alone, and enjoy your own life without interference of any kind, either the music, film, television, and others.

6. Make sure that the drink itself that you asup secure against a variety of chemicals that can poison the body. Limit Feed drink.

7. Limit fatty foods. Do not over-mengasupnya without fiber counterpart.

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